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John Moore
Global Tracking Solutions Pty Ltd

"I would highly recommend any person to attend all the Inventor plus workshop series for 2008. These courses will save a person time and money not to mention all the Extra stress associated with start-up projects. This workshop series should be a prerequisite before moving into the high costs of patents and stepping onto the treadmill of a project start-up for any new inventor.

That is a big statement, however the benefit from this program both from the presenters (Watershed and external) and the supporting documentation terrific.

It must however be noted that this Inventor plus workshop series will only benefit people that really want to achieve their goals and are prepared to put the work into building upon each series they attend. We achieved the greatest benefit from allowing the personnel to walk us through the steps required to identify where we were in the development cycle and what was needed to achieve the next step along the path.

I personally found that a lot of the pressures and hills that I was climbing were the same ones that the fellow students were also climbing or had climbed. This in itself has provided a new network of friends that I call on for support and advice. The money that Global Tracking Solution has saved by gaining Watershed's advice throughout the Inventor plus workshop series in 2007 is both recognised and appreciated.

In closing, I would like to thank Watershed and their presenters for the extra support that they provided both during and outside each of the workshops. This allowed us all to use the wealth of knowledge within Watershed as a sounding board for ideas and thoughts in a supportive environment."

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